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I have won OVER 274,000 Betting on Horse Racing over the last 8 years!

Dear Visitor, I have been betting on horse racing for many years now. I spent the first 5 years or so using racing tipsters that ultimately lost me a lot of money. I soon realised that the only way I was going to profit from betting long term, was if I took matters into my own hands and found a horse racing system that would provide me with consistent results and profits.

Im glad to say that I did just that, and I now make a healthy Tax Free Income from my horse racing bets. For the last 8 years I have taken home more money from betting on horse racing than I did previously when working as an IT Manager in London. This site is dedicated to helping you try to achieve the same and features many high quality betting systems, methods, software and tools including the very same ones I use on a daily basis. Please enjoy your visit…

Have you been looking for a way to make regular profits from betting on Horse RacingWITHOUT needing to rely on Bookmakerswho constantly block and shutdown winning accounts?

I certainly have and thankfully I now have the perfect solution with the release ofThe Ace Placesoftware tool which has been developed by the excellent bettingautomation team and only requires a BetFair Exchange account.

Regular visitors to my site will know that I have championed software and services from Bettingautomation as they have been the main reason why I have been able to make so much money betting on horses. For around 5 years I used theirRacing Synergy softwareto make over 200,000 in tax free profits, but unfortunately I can no longer benefit from that excellent tool as I have no more betting accounts left with any bookmakers.

The Ace Placehas given me another serious throw of the dice and is a real breath of fresh air.

You simply must give it a try if you are serious about making money from betting on horses without needing hundreds of bookmaker accounts/friends/family…

VisitBetting Automationfor further details ofTHE ACE PLACE Software.

Just imagine howgreat you will feelwhen you are regularly taking money from the bookmakers rather than lining their pockets!

When you buyRacing Synergyyou will be joining the elite few who have the tools to do just that. If you find that you are constantly asking yourself Why cant I make money from horse racing betting?, then you need Racing Synergy…

Racing Synergyis a low cost professional software tool by the betting automation team, that allowsyouto easily find overpriced horses that are therefore offering tremendous value.Racing Synergyscans all UK / Irish races you choose at warp speed and lists all the horses that are overpriced in a simple table. Then its over to you to simply back them (my preference) or trade them as arbitrage bets. The system works across all betting lines and can be applied to all themajor racing sitesin the UK and Ireland. We find gaps in the market with overpriced horses, you just place the value and type of bet you want.

Racing Synergy is a software implementation of the BetSynergy Horse Racing Method which I have been using for the past 5 years to make a very healthy profit.This software has just made my job a whole lot easier!If like me, you also want to make money from horse racing betting then you simply must try this software today.

Over the 5 years I have used Racing Synergy software as my main betting software, I have achieved an average ROI of just over 12.5% and based on my average stake of 50 per bet, this has netted me clear profits of just over 272,000 tax free. Certainly beats working a normal 9 – 5.

VisitBetting Automationfor further details of theRacing Synergy Software.

Take a look at my fullREVIEW of Racing Synergytoday…

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Betting On Linefrom m – Your one stop shop for everything betting and gambling related.

If you are serious about making money from betting, then you must take advantage of this very special, limited time offer.

I have kindly been given permission to sell 3 of the very best systems including associated software for the very special price of97 GBPwhich is less than the price of the Value Horse Method alone which retailed at 99 until the spring of this year.

I personally use the horse racing betting methods taught in the VHM and BetSynergy systems on a daily basis and have made very healthy profits from them for the last 6 years. If you have visited my site before and read my reviews you will know how highly I praise these two betting systems.

Take a look at myValue Horse Method Reviewand myBetSynergy Reviewtoday…

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Here in bargain corner you will find low cost betting systems for your consideration. Some of my visitors contacted me asking whether I have any cheap betting guides as they were only looking to get a foot in the door so to speak. These products have been selected because they are going to give you some good food for thought and hopefully get you started. True, its very unlikely that they will make you a millionaire, but they all offer something that should at the very least get your cogs whirling and point you in the direction of profitable betting.

Listed below is our pick of some of the best promotions / offers within the betting industry right now. You might want to consider taking advantage of these while they are still available!

As a Bonus for joining most reputable bookmakers, they usually provide new customers with a free joining bet. Click the banner to find out about all the latest offers from bookmakers that I can recommend.

– Do you want to know how well your current betting system would perform when using one of the many staking plans that are available. Well, this great product will show you just that and much more.

All promotions listed here are subject to change. Please ensure you are 100% happy that the offer matches with your requirements before going ahead.

False Favourites – Guaranteed System To Identify Losing Horses

BetFair accredited trainer Jonathan Burgess, spills the beans on his system ofLaying False Favourites. I like the fact that he does not promise the Earth with rediculous claims of winnings, but demonstrates how long term steady profits are achievable by laying certain favourites.

This ebook is vast at over 200 pages long but as suchcovers everything you need to know about laying horses in great detail.It really is the bible of horse laying books and whether you follow it to the letter or pick out key elements, you are sure to find the information very useful. Sure, some of the book will be covering old ground for the regular bettor, but this can simply be skipped over. The novice layer will find the content valuable throughout. Although, I havent yet personally followed the system in full and therefore verified the results, I have located many independent reviews which on the whole are glowing and very positive.

Resultsare posted on his site for you to review. They make a good read !!!

At an Incredible Price of ONLY 26.99 this is a real bargain not to be missed.

Bonus Bagging – Beat the bookies with their own money!

Using a Secret loophole which is fully explained by the BonusBagging service, you too can be pocketing regular profits without risking your own money….

and all for the absurdly low one off cost of 27.

How you ask?Visit thebonusbaggingsite by clicking the banner for further information including a video explaining how it all works and details of the service you will receive after purchasing the product. Let me assure you, you get a heck of a lot for your money! The website also has details of reviews and feedback from well respected websites/blogs in the betting and gambling field.Intrigued? – take a look today….

I usually advertise products that I can personally recommend but which carry some financial risk. I have decided to advertise the BonusBagging service as I believe that their are many people who are looking to make some extra money but who dont want the financial risk that is usually part of betting and gambling. Times are tough as we all know, so making some extra money without financial risk is a real bonus for us all.

Racing Secrets Exposed – Definitive Guide To Laying Horses

This book concentrates on the skill of laying favourites for profits. This might sound like a risky business but its well known that a lot of short priced favourites actaully lose ! Only around 30 – 40% win so this system sets out to show you how to profit from such losing horses!

This product is currently available for you to purchase for JUST 7. Yes thats right just SEVEN GBP!

Dont delay, take advantage of the very low cost while it stands!

Our Aimis to provide you with details of top quality horse racing systems, software products and tools which we believe are of a high quality and are available at a reasonable cost. Most of these recommendations come with a vast array of testimonials and often with a full money back guarantee.

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